At Coleccion Alexandra, we know that creating a unique entertainment environment at home can be a challenge. We are focused on choosing home theater sofas that exemplify both style and cosiness.

Our in-house experts carefully handpick this selection of sectional recliner couches because of their comfort and their quality. Our goal here is to present media room sofas we trust in a wide range of sizes and shapes, which will help make it easier to find the perfect style and design to meet your needs.

Sofá relax modular Cosmopol






If you do not have the space for a cinema room in your home, create a casual layout for your living room by removing the middle arms. This option, available in all the collections, allows you to customize your configuration by creating chains of seats that can all recline independently.

Due to the shape of our recliner sofas wall clearance is not necessary. Save space without moving the sofa away from the wall.





Our most contemporary model, in line with current trends, which has an improved three-position comfort system: sitting, relaxing and reclining. The seat, headrest and footrest can be independently regulated, allowing you to find your ideal position.

Equipped with the latest technology, as well as having an integrated USB port, the relax system can be controlled remotely using an App and it has the option of practical cooler cup holders to keep your drinks nice and cold.

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The COSMOPOL modular sofa with its impeccable proportions offers a wide variety of compositions and above all optimal comfort. With its modern lines it is entirely functional and versatile.

The entirety of the Cosmopol range comes in either an electric or manual version. The electric variety allows the furniture to transform into a recliner chair with the leg rest and headrest reclining independently.

The optional leather magazine bag is easily fixed to the armrest of the side module offering extra storage capable of holding all your TV guides and remotes.

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The Boston-Boston Pure collection comprises sofas, modules, pouffs and chaise longues with a variety of sofa modules. Everything you need to really enjoy sitting comfortably, as well as the relax motion device option in the seats. The seat back and headrest recline are both operated from controls located on remote control. Push a button and find the viewing angle that best suits your body.

The Boston and Boston Pure recliner sofas are differentiated solely by the design of the armrest. The Boston model comes with the armrest upholstered in stitched eco leather available in 5 different colours, while the Boston Pure armrest is upholstered in the same fabric as the rest of the sofa and can incorporate cup holders.

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Designing the optimal modular sofa layout requires deep knowledge and a clear understanding of individual needs, technology and the correct use of space in order to create the ultimate home cinema room. Our Design team will advise you and help you choose the best modular reclining sofa layout for your home.

Check our catalogue to find out about the extra features available to improve the comfort of your modular sofa, such as power recline, power station with USB, cooler cup holder, battery, etc.

Have a wide range of fabrics, eco-leather and natural leathers available. Customize the colour and texture of your sofa, to create your personal design

As manufacturers we can customise and completely bespoke your ideal seating.

From mulliner stitched arms, embossing and wooden inserts, we are happy to create a completely personal range of seating.

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